Want to say you got spooned in Nashville? Are you big spoon, or little spoon?

A few years back I was sitting with a friend and we were chatting about how cool it would be to go somewhere with all of our favorite cereals we could mix into a big heaping bowl and enjoy any time of day. Fast forward four years later and the stars aligned to bring you Wanna Spoon, the first cereal bar in Nashville, Tennessee in the heart of 12th South. We have created a fun and vibrant space that offers over twenty cereals with any choice of topping you like (if we don’t have something you like - let us know! We are always evolving our menu!) and different options for milk (to all my dairy-free friends, yes we thought of you as well). You also have the choice of making your cereal creation into an ice cream swirl! Just imagine your favorite type of cereal mixed into ice cream.. trust us when we say.. it will keep you coming back for more.

We take pride in our fantastic barista bar that may just end up being your new go-to coffee spot in town. We guarantee Wanna Spoon won’t just be another place to eat in town, it will be an experience to visit or your next date night spot. With outdoor yard games, a life sized plaster cow you can milk and an 11 foot long stainless steel spoon you can "get spooned" in. There is no doubt we will make it an experience to remember.

See you spoon!


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