Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar
1111 Carothers Ave
NashvilleTN 37204

About Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar

Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar |1111 Carothers AveNashvilleTN37204

About The Founders


Kira Lynn originally moved to Nashville to pursue her music career. While she was actively working on chasing her dream as an artist, she also had another dream in the back of her mind. She dreamt of having a place where you could go for cereal at any time of day. Her parents advised her to write a business plan and come up with a name, which ended up being “Wanna Spoon.” Kira was introduced to a couple by the names of Alane and Steve Kovach, who had a residential house next to Emery Wood Fired - another restaurant of theirs that was soon to be open. The couple loved the idea, and the rest is history. Kira Lynn and her business partners, Alane and Steve Kovach are excited to grow this business and hope to open up more locations. Kira will also continue to work on her music as well, with three new singles -- “Colorado,” “Love You No More,” and "Deeper." Stay tuned for all that’s to come with Nashville’s first cereal bar and this exciting new venture with Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar!


Alane and Steve Kovach have been partners in building restaurants, beginning in Nashville since 2013. The couple has opened:

  • The Stillery Downtown
  • The Stillery Midtown
  • Big Jimmy's Burgers Downtown
  • The Emery 12 South
Cereal Bar in Nashville, TN

During construction of The Emery, they were able to secure the residence behind it on Carothers Ave. Initially, Alane wanted to dress it up and run an Airbnb to generate income. Then, they met Kira! Kira had a cereal bar concept in mind, and they were excited to put that into motion! During start-up conversations with all of Kira and Steve's creative ideas, Alane was busy doing coffee research by seeking out and sampling not only coffees around the country but espresso machines around the world. After 18 months, Alane ordered a La Marzocco espresso machine from Italy, sourced Intelligentsia Coffee from Chicago, and procured 12 South's best baristas to make their dream happen. They now have the best coffee in all of Nashville!

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